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U.S. History

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Who Were the Founding Fathers?

Bring historical figures alive with this fun family activity! Your child will plan a founding fathers feast by researching historical figures.

Write a Letter to the President

Spark your child's interest in current events by encouraging her to write a letter to the president in this middle to high school activity.

Do the Preamble (Un)Scramble

Learn the Preamble to the Constitution this Presidents Day by playing the Preamble (Un)Scramble, an energetic memory game that's fun for the whole family.

Play the Bill of Rights Drawing Game

Learn about the Bill of Rights this Presidents Day by playing a Pictionary-inspired drawing game. Players draw a right as others try to guess what it is.

History in the Kitchen: Civil War Cornbread

Give your child a taste of life in Civil War era America by mixing up a batch of old-fashioned cornbread, adapted from a 19th century recipe.

Centennial Timeline

Commemorate the 100th Day of School with your child by making a timeline covering the last 100 years in this enriching middle school history activity.

Civil War Letter

This Veterans Day or Memorial Day, have your kid put himself in the shoes of a Civil War soldier and write to a loved one.

Sourdough Science!

Make sourdough bread...and learn some colonial history and modern science in the process!

Roving Reporter

Here's how teens can produce an audio guide of an exhibit, field trip, or ballgame, confess their thoughts in an audio diary or record a letter to a friend.

Papel Picado

Introduce your second grader to a fun Mexican custom by showing her how to make papel picado, a beautiful creation of cut-out tissue paper.

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