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Make an Aztec Inspired Mosaic Plate

To pay tribute to the ancient Mexican art of mosaics, your child can craft a colorful mosaic using old magazines, a paper plate and lots of imagination.

Renaissance Art Project: Create a Silverpoint Drawing

Help your high school revive some Renaissance history with art by making a silverpoint sketch. In this activity, make your own stylus and special paper.

Make and Play a Loteria Board Game

Play loteria, a Mexican board game! Help your child make this fun and festive game to help her build her vocabulary and have a blast while she's at it.

Make Art Like the Ancient Greeks: Black-Figure Vase Painting

Ancient Greek vases were not only utilitarian, they were also works of art. Jump into ancient cultures by decorating your own vase in classic Greek style.

Make an Ancient Travel Brochure

One way to help your middle-schooler learn about ancient civilizations is by creating a travel brochure.

Draw Your Own Cartouche: Personalized Hieroglyphics

Bring history to life by helping your child create her own cartouche like the Egyptians did thousands of years ago.

Make a Seven Wonders of the World Brochure

Help your teen delve into the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; he'll come up with catchy slogans to advertise them in a pretend travel brochure.

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