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Math- First Grade

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Missing Numbers: Egg Escape

Kids find the missing numbers to complete the egg number grid. This first grade math worksheet helps kids practice counting whole numbers to 100.

Skip Counting by Fives

Practice skip counting with this worksheet focuses on fives.

Number Order: What Comes After?

How well does your kid know number order? Test his skills with this number sequencing worksheet.

Skip Counting: Count by Twos!

As your kid counts these groups of shoes by twos, she'll get a better handle on number sequence, too.

Number Factory #5

The Number Factory has an order to get out, but the boxes are in the wrong order. Your child can help by sorting the numbers from greatest to least and more.

Practice Test: Easy Number Patterns

Help your first grader review past math concepts with this quiz that asks her to complete a series of number patterns.

Ordinal Numbers

First, second, third, or fourth? Find the ordinal number shown by the shaded picture.

Number Factory #16

The Number Factory is turning out numbers quickly, but it needs your child's help. Your child will put numbers in order from least to greatest and more.

Number Factory #8

Help the Number Factory get its boxes back in the right order! This fun activity will help your child practice counting and putting numbers in order.

Number Factory #14

Here's a factory that can help your child improve his number sense! Enjoy a day at the Number Factory, where he can put numbers in the right order.

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