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Math- Second Grade

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Telling Time: Five Minutes

Telling time can be tough, but with the help of this easy worksheet, it can be a breeze!

Telling the Time Made Easy!

Telling the time is made easy in this worksheet with six clocks all displaying different times. Read the clock and write the time in the space provided.

Time 2 Tell Time 4

Help your second grader decrypt the time expressed on each analog clock, and draw a line to a digital clock set on the same time.

Number Sense: Complete the Pattern

Build a solid foundation for multiplication by helping your second grader practice recognizing number patterns.

Dot to Dot Zoo: 2's

A zebra dot-to-dot worksheet is fun from the start, and this one has a special twist. Count by twos in this zebra dot-to-dot worksheet.

Times Tables: 5s

See how well your child knows her times tables, and give her some practice multiplying by fives with this times tables practice sheet.

Skip Count by Two!

Count by multiples of two at the Dot-to-Dot Zoo to complete the coloring page picture!

Times Tables: 2s

How well does your child know her times tables? Get some practice multiplying by two with this times tables practice sheet.

Times Tables: 1s

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah! Get some practice multiplying by one with this times tables practice sheet.

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