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September activities
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Counting Syllables: Part IV

Careful, this worksheet can get a little loud! Help your student practice clapping out his syllables, and come up with his own words to separate and count.

Digraphs: Two as One 2

In this second grade reading and writing worksheet, kids choose digraphs such as "sh" or "ch" to complete words, then match each word to its picture.

Practice Reading Vowel Diphthongs: ou

Help your second grader practice decoding words with the vowel combination "ou", as in the words blouse and bounce.

Silent Letters Crossword

The answer to each crossword puzzle clue is a word with a silent letter. This second grade reading worksheet helps kids recognize words with silent letters.

Silent Letters

This printable worksheet will help your second grader's reading skills through identifying silent letters.

Antonym Crossword

On this second grade reading worksheet, each crossword puzzle clue is a sentence with a highlighted word. Kids write the antonym of the word in the puzzle.

Diphthongs: Oh Boy!

Kids choose from the diphthongs oi, oy, ou, and ow to fill in the missing letters in the words on this second grade reading and writing worksheet.

Change Nouns Ending in Y to IES

On this worksheet, kids practice changing singular nouns ending in "y" to plural by either adding "s" or dropping the "y" and adding "ies."

Vowel Sounds: Y as Long "E" and Long "I"

On this second grade reading worksheet, kids sort words ending in "y" into two categories: the long "e" sound as in baby, or the long "i" sound as in spy.

Practice Reading Vowel Digraphs: aw

Help your beginning reader practice decoding tricky "aw" words with this complete the sentence worksheet.

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