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September activities
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Phonics Review: Consonant Blends

If your second grader needs extra practice sounding out words with consonant blends, try this worksheet.

Synonym Match

This second grade reading worksheet features common synonyms. Kids connect a word in the first column with its synonym in the second column.

Phonics Review: Digraphs and Silent Letters

Review digraphs and words with silent letters with your second grader with this practice quiz.

Complete this Sentence: Blends in Context

Help your second grader improve her reading fluency by reviewing consonant blends, with help from this complete the sentence worksheet.

Dog Day! Identifying Subject in a Sentence

Searching for a worksheet to help your kid identify nouns? This printable will help him find the subject of a sentence.

Short and Long Vowel Review

By now, your child knows that not all vowel sounds are the same. Challenge him to determine whether words contain a short or long vowel sound.

Antonyms: Opposites Attract

Each sentence on this second grade reading worksheet has an underlined word, and kids select the opposite of that word from among three word choices.

Phonics Fun: Double O Words

Boost your second grader's phonics knowledge with a lesson on double o words like "look".

Shh ... Silent Letters

All of the words on this second grade reading worksheet have at least one silent letter. Kids say each word, write it, and circle the silent letter or letters.

Consonant Clusters: It Takes Three!

Searching for a worksheet to help your child with phonics? This printable works with blended consonants to improve your child's reading.

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