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Everyday Adjectives

Practice parts of speech with some everyday adjectives. Students will fill in the blanks with descriptive words to tell about the day so far.

Identify Adjectives

Exercise your power of description and identify adjectives that describe each picture.

Adjectives that Describe You

Kids love to talk about themselves; this grammar exercise challenges them to think about adjectives that describe themselves!

Adjectives for Kids

How many adjectives can you find in this set of story sentences? This worksheet provides a fun lesson in adjectives for kids.

Fill in the Adjective

Give your child adjective practice with this simple worksheet. After filling in the blanks, they'll see how many different adjectives they can add to the list.

Change Nouns Ending in Y to IES

On this worksheet, kids practice changing singular nouns ending in "y" to plural by either adding "s" or dropping the "y" and adding "ies."

R-Controlled Vowels

R-controlled vowels can be tricky, but they provide a great way to help kids expand their phonics skills!

Ea Words

Learn the different sounds of the vowel blend "ea" with this fun word search puzzle!

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