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Vocabulary Practice Test

Help your first grader prepare for her next spelling test with this vocabulary practice test.

Phonics Practice Test: Vowel Sounds

Gear up for a phonics quiz with this nifty practice test covering short and long vowel sounds.

Phonics Practice Test: Blends and Digraphs

Go over blends and digraphs with your first grader with help from this printable practice test.

Sally the Skunk: Words Ending with -Nk

This printable first grade worksheet will help your child's reading skills by helping him identify the ending letters -nk.

Vocabulary Builder: Synonyms

Expand your first grader's vocabulary by learning about synonyms.

Consonant Sounds: S Blends

Boost your first grader's reading skills by practicing S letter blends like in smile, swing, and star.

Consonant Sounds: L Blends

Work on L blends with your first grader with this worksheet that asks kids to match pictures with the same beginning blend.

Reading Comprehension Practice Test

What's the main idea? Help your child review reading comprehension questions like this with this at-home practice test.

Sam the Student: Words Ending with -Nt

This printable first grade worksheet will help your child practice identifying words the end in the letters -nt.

Hard and Soft "C" Words

Help your early reader tackle hard and soft Cc with this phonics worksheet.

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