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Habitats Word Search: Rainforest Animals

Put your kid's observational skills to the test with this word search that will help her learn some of the animals that inhabit a rainforest.

Habitats Word Search: Ocean Animals

In which habitat could you find a blue whale, a squid, and a shark? The ocean, obviously! Have your kid find ocean animals with this word search worksheet.

Habitats Word Search: Forest Animals

Kids find forest animals in this third grade science word search. Animal habitat worksheets help students learn about life forms in different environments.

Homophones: Sail for Sale

Learning homophones helps kids build vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling skills. Our homophones worksheet helps kids learn words like "sail" and "sale."

Homophones: Same Sounds

This second grade reading and writing worksheet gives kids practice with homophones as they choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

Shh! Sounds

Get a hold of "shh" sounds with this second grade printable worksheet that practices phonics!

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