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How Tall Are They: Candy!

This printout teaches your child to measure objects, practice writing numbers, counting and identifying colors and objects.

Bigger or Smaller? Sports Balls

These pairs of sports balls come in big and little sizes. Have your preschooler identify the bigger and smaller object to build early math skills.

Bigger or Smaller? Furniture

This worksheet tasks your preschooler with finding bigger and smaller items of furniture. Help your kid build early math skills with this comparison worksheet.

Bigger or Smaller? Fruits and Veggies

Use this bigger or smaller worksheet with your child to get him to build math and comparison skills. Preschoolers will sort fruits and vegetables by size.

Bigger or Smaller? Birds

Build early math skills by using this bigger or smaller worksheet with your child. Preschoolers will identify which bird is bigger or smaller in this worksheet.

More or Less School Supplies

Are there more rulers than books? This printable asks your child to compare quantities between groups of school supplies.

More or Less Shapes

Counting and shape recognition are rolled into one with this colorful printable, makes for great math practice for your preschooler!

More or Less Art Supplies

Are there more drawing kits or more bottles of paint? This colorful page is great for counting practice.

More or Less Electronics

This colorful counting page is engaging math practice for your preschooler learning to count, and to compare more or less values between groups of electronics!

Bigger or Smaller? Transportation

Help your child develop comparison skills with this bigger or smaller worksheet. Preschoolers will identify which transportation vehicle is bigger or smaller.

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