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Pre-K Math

Patterns, Sorting, Sequencing, Money, Measurement
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Arranging Numbers: Bees

This activity is perfect for beginning counters. Your child will get to practice tracing numbers and placing them in the right order.

Arranging Numbers

Here's the perfect activity for your and your child to practice counting and building his fine motor skills, where he'll cut, trace and arrange numbers.

Technology Then and Now

Technology has changed a lot in the past 100 years! Help your child figure out which items were used long ago and which ones we use today for the same purpose.

Before or After?

What happens before breakfast? After lunch? Help your preschooler sort out the concept of before and after with this matching worksheet.

Sequencing Your Day

A lot can happen in one day! But in what order does it all happen? Practice story sequencing your daily routine with this cut and paste activity.

Duck Maze

Oh, no! The duck is lost, and he can only move along circles! Have your preschooler come to the rescue and help this cute duck quack back home.

What Belongs in the Bathroom?

Kris the Koala is cleaning his house, and kids completing this preschool sorting and categorizing worksheet help by circling things that belong in the bathroom.

Let's Go Shopping!: Pets

A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring different kinds of pets

What Belongs in the Kitchen?

Kris the Koala is cleaning his house, and kids completing this preschool sorting and classifying worksheet help by circling objects that belong in the kitchen.

Let's Go Shopping!: Stuffed Animals

A coin-counting worksheet for preschoolers featuring stuffed animals

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