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Subtraction with Regrouping #3

Practice subtraction with regrouping in this 2nd grade math worksheet. Work through two-digit subtraction in this math worksheet.

Subtraction with Borrowing: Honeybees!

Review subtraction with borrowing with your second grader as she completes this worksheet. Encourage your child to show her work as she solves each problem.

Subtraction with Regrouping #7

Learn how to borrow in subtraction problems with this math worksheet. Practice two-digit subtraction problems with borrowing.

Subtraction with Regrouping #9

Try these two-digit subtraction problems with a 2nd grader. These subtraction problems with borrowing help kids build essential math skills.

Practice Place Value

Test your child's grasp of place value with this 2nd grade math worksheet. Your child must write out the place value of each number in numerals and in words.

Easter Number Fun #18

Have mathematic Easter fun with this number ordering worksheet. Kids will arrange numbers from greatest to least with some help from a chocolate bunny.

Jungle Numbers #18

Young adventurers will make their way through the jungle by ordering numbers. Arrange numbers from greatest to least or vice versa to make your way to a temple.

Comparing Money Amounts #5

Give your kid practice with money-counting and sequential order with this worksheet. Kids will look at different amounts of money and decide which is larger.

Fill in the Missing Price Tag Numbers

Help your child practice his math skills with this printable worksheet, which will help him with numbers in the nineties.

Jungle Numbers #1

Is your first grader ready for a jungle number adventure? She'll dash across a bridge, hop over a hungry gator all while getting some great counting practice!

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