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More Addition with Pictures

More Addition with Pictures 1-20
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Count and Add #3

Learning addition is as easy as 1-2-3! Give your child a head start on addition with this counting worksheet.

Spring is in the Air!

Welcome the start of the spring season by completing this bright and cheery addition worksheet. Solve the problems by counting the number of items in each box.

Winter Wonderland

Practice your addition skills with this winter-themed worksheet by counting the number of items that are related to the winter season in each box.

Addition for Kids

Race to learn addition with this fun picture addition worksheet. Kids will count the vehicles to solve each picture equation.

Adding with Pictures

Is your little counter ready for the next step? Introduce her to addition with this picture math worksheet.

Building Zone Addition

It's math time at the construction zone! Count up the items in each picture equation to find the sum.

Builder Addition

Little builders, get ready for some construction zone math! Your child will use his counting skills to solve these addition equations.

Building Addition

Addition and building go hand in hand. Show your little math whiz the basics of addition with this picture math worksheet.

Addition Zone

Get your math gloves on, it's time for construction addition!

Picture Addition: Construction

Make math fun by taking it to the construction zone! Count up the items in each picture sentence to find the sums.

Construction Picture Addition

Counting is the first step to learning addition. Help your little construction worker count up these tools to find the sums!

Construction Zone Addition

This picture addition worksheet is great for helping kids learn the basics of arithmetic.

Construction Addition

Take math practice to the construction zone with this picture addition worksheet.

Starstruck Addition

Strengthen your beginner's math skills by having her complete this basic addition worksheet by counting the number of stars in each box to solve the problems.

Veggie Delight

Encourage your brainiac to practice his addition skills using this vegetable-themed worksheet by simply counting the number of vegetables in each box.

Simple Springtime Addition

Let the joy of spring inspire your kindergartener's next math practice. She'll use single digit addition to add up bright flowers.

Undersea Addition

Add some undersea creatures to your kindergartener's math practice. He'll practice single digit addition as he adds up some new ocean friends.

Explorer Addition

Is your little explorer reading for some addition practice? He'll use single digit addition to add items familiar to any outdoor adventurer.

Duck Addition

These ducks are all in a line and ready to be counted! Your kindergartener will use single digit addition to add these adorable ducks.

Beach Addition

It's a beach themed addition party, and your kindergartener is invited! She'll practice single digit addition with fun and familiar beach items.

Adding Up To 20

Adding numbers within 20 is as easy as counting balloons with this colorful and simple worksheet.

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