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Math Picture Addition

Math Picture Addition 1-20
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Addition is Instrumental

Complete this musical-themed addition worksheet by counting the total number of instruments to find the answers to the problems.

Construction Math

Show your little builder the basics of addition with this picture math worksheet!

Flower Power

Add the flowers together by counting the number of total flowers in each box.

Animal Addition Practice

Engage your kindergartener in easy addition practice by having her count the total number of animals in each of the problems.

Count and Add #2

Give your child an easy introduction to addition with this counting worksheet.

Addition: Garden Math

Kids practice adding single-digit numbers and writing the sums on this garden-themed kindergarten math worksheet.

Fruity Fun

Complete this simple addition worksheet by counting all of the fruit in each box in order to find the answers to the problems.

Addition: Fruit Math

Kids practice adding numbers with addends up to 10 and writing the sums on this fruit-themed kindergarten math worksheet.

Grains Galore!

Put your mind to work by completing this addition worksheet. Count the number of grains in each box to solve the addition problems.

How Many Shoes?

One day your little one may collect a huge set of shoes, but he'll need to count and add first! Give him some practice adding shoes with this worksheet.

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