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More Subtraction with Pictures

More Subtraction with Pictures 1-20
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Count and Subtract

Ready to introduce your child to subtraction, but you're not sure if he's ready? This worksheet is a simple and easy introduction.

Construction Zone Subtraction 1

Nail down subtraction to a tee with some construction zone math! Use each picture to help you subtract.

Construction Zone Subtraction 3

Take learning to the construction zone! These picture problems are a great way to help kids visualize the math.

Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #4

Counting and subtraction come together in this transportation-themed worksheet. Learning subtraction with pictures is great for visual learners!

Construction Zone Subtraction 5

Count up the items on the construction zone! Learn how to subtract by crossing off the right number of items.

Construction Zone Subtraction 7

Build a great math student with some construction subtraction!

Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #5

Cross out butterflies to learn subtraction basics in this math worksheet. Kids will solve subtraction problems by crossing out pictures of butterflies.

Space Subtraction: Number Sentences

Use these number sentences to help build your child's subtraction skills while also practicing basic verbal reasoning!

Cosmic Subtraction

Get ready for some stellar subtraction! Your kindergartner will cross out five of the pictures and count how many are left, then write the number.

Outer Space Math

Get little ones excited about math with some stellar subtraction practice!

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