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More Subtraction with Pictures

More Subtraction with Pictures 1-20
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Subtract the Rockets

Get ready for some rocket-powered subtraction practice. Solve the problem by coloring in the spaceship and writing the correct answer on the line.

Beginning Subtraction

For each problem on this first grade math worksheet, kids subtract numbers under 10 to see how many lollipops are left after someone has had a tasty snack.

Space Subtraction: Count and Cross Out

Read each part of the equation with your child, and have her count and cross out the space pictures to solve the problem.

Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #8

Counting and subtraction come together for a colorful and sports-themed math worksheet, great for visual learners!

Subtraction Sentences in Space!

Use these outer space subtraction sentences to help your child break down subtraction math into manageable chunks.

Subtraction Practice in Outer Space

Help your kiddo reach for the stars with this subtraction practice worksheet! For each problem, color in the star with the correct answer.

Double Digit Space Subtraction

Has your child mastered single digit subtraction? Then she's ready to kick it up a notch! Trace the X's and count how many space pictures are left.

Celestial Subtraction Sentences

Have your child combine her counting and verbal skills to solve the subtraction problems! She'll count the pictures and fill in the boxes with the number.

Bath Time Subtraction

Introduce simple subtraction to your kindergartener. Count how many bath items there are in each box then take away the darker pictures to find the answer.

Dessert Subtraction

Count the number of desserts in each box then take away the ones that are darker. How many are left?

Subtraction for Kids

Ready, set... go! Start off subtraction with some picture equations, perfect for helping your child understand a new math concept.

Construction Zone Subtraction 10

These picture problems are perfect for helping visual learners nail down subtraction to a tee.

Construction Zone Subtraction 8

Little construction workers will build up their math skills with some picture subtraction!

Construction Zone Subtraction 6

How many tools do you see on this construction site? Give your child a fun intro to subtraction with some picture math.

Simple Subtraction: Take Away 1, 2, and 3

Flex your child's math skills with this worksheet set, which focuses on subtracting 1, 2, and 3 from other numbers.

Construction Zone Subtraction 4

Little math workers, get your subtraction tools ready! These picture problems will help kids visualize the equation.

Construction Zone Subtraction 2

Get in the math zone! Kids practice crossing off items to visualize the concept of subtraction.

Let's Bake! Subtraction

Practice subtraction by counting the number of baking items in each box then taking away the number of darker items. How many items are left?

Subtract the Numbers with John

John is playing cards, and he needs your help!

Under the Sea Subtraction

Count the number of sea animals in each box then take away the number of darker ones to find the answers to the subtraction problems.

Wear It! Subtraction

Practice simple subtraction by counting how many clothing items are in each box then take away the darker items.

Subtraction Practice: Spring Into It!

This subtraction practice worksheet combines number writing with pictures and counting to make beginning subtraction easier for your child!

Picture Subtraction

These birds are acting strange! Your kindergartener will use single digit subtraction to find out how many birds are still colorful and bright.

Picture Subtraction: Outer Space

Give your kindergartener's subtraction practice that is out of this world with single digit subtraction problems featuring space shuttles and comets.

Counting Up Subtraction

For each problem on this first grade math worksheet, kids subtract single-digit numbers to see how many cheese pieces are left after the mouse eats its snack.

Easy Animal Subtraction #1

Subtraction can be tricky for new learners, but this worksheet breaks down the concept step by step so kids can see how the process works.

Sporting Good Subtraction

Number writing combines with pictures and counting to make beginning subtraction more bearable and interesting for your child this spring!

Easy Animal Subtraction #2

Help your kindergartener get on board with subtraction with this step by step worksheet filled with cute penguins, hedgehogs, and more.

Subtraction with Pictures: Toys

Get a head start on subtraction with some simple picture math! Find out how many toys were sold by using the pictures as a guide.

Practice One-Digit Subtraction 1

Ask your kindergartener to complete these one-digit subtraction facts, and they'll go above and beyond kindergarten standards in no time!

Count and Subtract

Ready to introduce your child to subtraction, but you're not sure if he's ready? This worksheet is a simple and easy introduction.

Construction Zone Subtraction 1

Nail down subtraction to a tee with some construction zone math! Use each picture to help you subtract.

Construction Zone Subtraction 3

Take learning to the construction zone! These picture problems are a great way to help kids visualize the math.

Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #4

Counting and subtraction come together in this transportation-themed worksheet. Learning subtraction with pictures is great for visual learners!

Construction Zone Subtraction 5

Count up the items on the construction zone! Learn how to subtract by crossing off the right number of items.

Construction Zone Subtraction 7

Build a great math student with some construction subtraction!

Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #5

Cross out butterflies to learn subtraction basics in this math worksheet. Kids will solve subtraction problems by crossing out pictures of butterflies.

Space Subtraction: Number Sentences

Use these number sentences to help build your child's subtraction skills while also practicing basic verbal reasoning!

Cosmic Subtraction

Get ready for some stellar subtraction! Your kindergartner will cross out five of the pictures and count how many are left, then write the number.

Outer Space Math

Get little ones excited about math with some stellar subtraction practice!

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