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Social Studies

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All About My Hair

Don't do this worksheet on a bad hair day! It's all about you and your hair.

Haunted House Map

Follow directions to find a key and escape a spooky haunted house.

Improving Memory: Person

On this worksheet, encourage your preschooler to use his memory to draw a picture of someone he hasn't seen in a long time.

Boys and Girls

On this worksheet, your preschooler will draw pictures of all her friends and split them into gender categories.

Resource: Plants

Help your preschooler become more aware of his environment with this plant resource worksheet.

Learn About Transportation

This worksheet challenges kindergarteners to match each person with his method of transportation.

Wants vs. Needs

Kids may think they need candy and video games, but parents know better. Help your child learn the difference between a want and a need with this worksheet.

Improving Memory: Birthday

Help your child flex her memory with this fun drawing worksheet! She'll think back to her last birthday and try to remember what she did.

Stars and Stripes

Bring out your inner patriot with a fun tracing worksheet with stars and stripes! Your little writer will build fine motor skills and letter recognition.

All About Me, and You!

What's the preschooler's favorite subject? Himself! Kids love questions about themselves, but this worksheet also has your kid finding out about someone else.

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