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Ball Games for Kindergarten

Indoor and outdoor Ball games that is active and fun for Kindergarten
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Measuring Water

Help your first grader explore the world of scientific measurement by "weighing" fruit with a "water scale"!

Golf for Kids

Teach your child golf without the clubs! Introduce her to Pebble Golf, a fun beach game and a great way to develop her depth perception.

Balloon Olympics

The next time your kids are pent up inside because of bad weather, try hosting a Balloon Olympics!

Add It Up with Tennis Can Bowling

Here's a homemade bowling set that's easy to make and fun to play! And not only that, but it will help improve your second grader's math skills to boot!


Create your own cup-and-ball toy using recycled materials from around the house.

Velcro Dart Board

Your child will boost her gross motor skills as she has fun playing with your easy-to-make and totally safe dart board and dart balls.

Bounce that Ball: Learn Math While Doing Sports

Head out to the driveway, ball in hand, for a bouncing challenge. Then use those results to make a colorful graph that lets your child compare results.

Ball-Handling Workout

Improve your child's hand-eye coordination with these fun dribbling drills! Before you know it he'll be a ball-handling master.

Shooting Hoops Multiplication

Play this fun basketball game to help your third grader master his multiplication tables.

Milk Jug Keep Away

Keep your child active this summer by transforming old milk jugs into scoops and newspaper into a ball with this exciting game of catch!

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