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Animal Teeth

Chomp on some life science learning with this toothy worksheet! What do you think these animals eat? Take a look at their teeth for clues.

Leaf Puzzle

Believe it or not, pine trees and ginko trees have different shaped leaves. See the shapes for yourself and match each leaf to its correct tree.

Animal House Match-Up

This printable preschool worksheet is sure to get your kid thinking about nature.

Animal Coverings

Every animal wears a unique type of covering. Learn the difference between fur, feathers and scales with this adorable animal worksheet!

Food Animals Eat!

It's dinner time at the barnyard! Can your little farmer help feed the animals? Match up each animal to the food it likes to eat.

Types of Leaves

Did you know you can identify a tree by its leaves? Discover the different shapes and shades of maple and oak leaves as you match each one to the correct tree.

Leaf Match-up

Not all leaves are shaped the same. Discover the difference between palm and elm leaves as you match each leaf to its tree. Which leaf shape is your favorite?

Matching Types of Leaves

Can you figure out how to match each leaf to its correct tree? Just cut out the leaves, glue them to the trees and then pick your favorite!

Sort Out the Five Senses

Help your kindergartener make sense of the five senses with this matching worksheet. He'll connect each sense with the picture that goes with it.

Animals That Hatch From Eggs

This beginners worksheet will help your child get all her ducks in a row when it comes to understanding animals that hatch from eggs.

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