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Hard Things to Do

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Write like Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Read the work of Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, as well as the work of those who influenced him, and give his writing style a try of your own.

Write like Jorge Luis Borges

This worksheet can give your budding bestseller a glimpse of modernist writing and magic realism through the work of Jorge Luis Borges.

Pajama Party KenKen® Puzzle

Help your students improve their mathematical ability and logical thinking skills by playing this fun KenKen® puzzle!

Midsummer Night's Dream Quotes

Help your teen become familiar with one of Shakespeare's funniest plays with this two-page worksheet which includes Midsummer Night's Dream quotes.

Frida Kahlo Biography

Art students can use this worksheet to learn a little more about the renowned artist Frida Kahlo.

Snowmobile KenKen® Puzzle

This difficult KenKen® puzzle is ready for your students to master! All they'll need are good computation skills and a fair amount of logic.

Prom Queen KenKen® Puzzle

This difficult KenKen® math puzzle will challenge your students to use mathematical operations and logical thinking skills.

Macbeth Quotes

Help your teenager review Macbeth, arguably Shakespeare's darkest play, with this worksheet featuring quotes and characters.

Much Ado About Nothing Quotes

Can you tell who said these Much Ado About Nothing quotes? Shakespeare's fun comedy about two couples becomes a little more accessible with this worksheet.

Romeo and Juliet Worksheet

Familiarize your high schooler with Shakespeare's most romantic and heartbreaking play with this two-page comprehension sheet.

Ski Boat KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® puzzle will challenge your students to use different math operations and logic in order to find a solution.

Moped KenKen® Puzzle

Challenge your students to decode this KenKen® grid. They'll need all of their logic powers and a good understanding of mathematical operations.

Rational and Irrational Numbers

Help your high schooler learn about irrational numbers, which cannot be represented as fractions, with this practice sheet.

KenKen: Sports Car

This KenKen® puzzle will require your student to put his math and logic skills to the test!

KenKen Printable: Sweet Sixteen

Your math students will need every ounce of their logic to solve this KenKen printable!

Jet Ski KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen®, a math logic puzzle from Japan, uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division!

Walt Whitman: "O Captain! my Captain!"

For artistic writers and lovers of poetry, here's a literary analysis page featuring a famous poem by Walt Whitman.

Edgar Allan Poe: "Annabel Lee"

Introduce your student to a famous writer and poet: Edgar Allan Poe! She'll read his poem, "Annabel Lee" and write a paragraph about its theme.

Jewelry Box KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® puzzle is guaranteed to get your students using math and logic in a way they never have before.

Motor Bike KenKen® Puzzle

Engage your students' logic and critical thinking skills as they complete this KenKen® math puzzle.

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