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Time to Tell Time with the First Grade

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Time Units

Help your child understand different units of time with this worksheet that asks her to fill in the blanks in each sentence with the correct unit of time.

Learning to Tell Time

Tick-tock, let's read the clock! Help your first grader to learn how to read an analog clock with Tick Tock the tiger.

Night Time or Day Time?

Can your child tell what time of day it is just by looking at the clock? Help him practice telling time of day with a fun worksheet!

On the Hour: Write the Time #1

Introduce your first grader to telling time by practicing reading clocks on the hour.

On the Hour: Write the Time #2

Introduce your first grader to telling time on the hour with this simple worksheet.

Telling Time: Word Problems

Boost your first grader's understanding of time by challenging her to solve word problems all about time.

Hour Hand

These clocks are missing their hands. Can your first grader fix the problem by drawing new hands on the clocks?

On the Half Hour: Telling Time with Malcolm Mouse

Help young Malcolm Mouse learn how to tell time on the half hour by circling the time shown on each clock.

Telling Time: Crazy Clocks

For this first grade math worksheet, kids look at each analog clock, determine the time, and write the time in the spaces provided.

Half Hour

Practice telling time to the half hour with your first grader with this matching worksheet.

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