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Historical Heroes: Maya Angelou

Learn more about author, activist and poet Maya Angelou with this Historical Heroes printable - a great addition to celebrating Black History Month.

Phillis Wheatley Coloring Page

This coloring page features the first African-American woman poet published in the U.S.! Introduce your child to Miss Phillis Wheatley.

Rosa Parks: Historical Heroes

Learn more about this brave woman named Rosa Parks our "Historical Heroes" worksheet about her.

Historical Heroes: Frederick Douglass

Learn about one of the important figures of American history in this worksheet with a word scramble about Frederick Douglass.

Langston Hughes: Historical Heroes

Learn more about Langston Hughes, one of the most influential figures in literature, with this word-scramble sheet.

The Selma to Montgomery March

Learn more about the Civil Rights Movement as you read about the Selma to Montgomery March and color in different locations on the map.

Make a Team of Hand-in-Hand Protesters

Discuss the civil rights movement with your second grader as she cuts and decorates her own team of protesters with this hand-in-hand cut out project.

Civil Rights Word Find

How many words relating to the Civil Rights Movement can your kid find? This word search is great for boosting both language skills and historical knowledge.

Montgomery Bus Boycott Coloring Page

Use this coloring page as an opportunity to discuss the courage of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Civil Rights Crossword

Test your knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement with this crossword puzzle. Use the clues to help you fill in the grid.

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