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Science Fair Project Ideas

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Arch Magic: The Unbreakable Egg

This science fair project demonstrates the magic of arches by challenging students to stack telephone books on top of eggs without breaking them.

Fender Bender Bumper Damage Resistance

The purpose of this science fair experiment is to determine which kind of bumper material would best survive a crash.

Flexible: How do Earthquakes Affect Unbraced Frame Structures?

In this science project, learn about how earthquakes affect unbraced frame structures using drinking straws. Use for free science fair ideas!

Strength in Numbers

The objective of this science fair project is to determine whether using more layers in laminated wood creates a stronger product.

Defying Gravity

Free science fair project idea that examines the impact of gravity on a dropped carton of eggs. Design a device to protect the eggs from cracking.

How to Retrofit a Building

This project explores the process of bracing a building with parallelograms to improve sturdiness.

Bridge Building

Check out this fun science fair project idea for middle school students on types of forces and the effect of triangle size on the strength of a truss bridge.

Supporters: How Does the Molecular Structure of an Eggshell Affect its Strength?

In this experiment, experiment with how sturdy eggshells are and how much weight does it take to break the dome of eggshells. Great project for kids.

Bridge Project

This science fair project idea develops an understanding through experimentation of which shapes are the most structurally strong.

An Eggcellent Solution

This middle school project examines the strength of horizontal versus vertical pointing eggshells.

Windmill Model Science Project

In this windmill model science project, you will build a windmill to learn about wheel-and-axle machines and how these simple machines are used to do work.

Go with the Flow: Why are Lighthouses Round?

Lighthouses are built to stand the test of wind! The goal of this project is to test cylindrically shaped items.

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