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Sensory Language

Help your third grader learn how to use sensory words to describe something with this great vocab-building worksheet.

Reading Comprehension: What Do You Think?

Looking for a worksheet that practices reading comprehension? This printable is great for kids that need help with their reading skills.

There, Their, or They're?

There, their, and they're: They're tricky to many people! This worksheet explains the difference. Then, kids choose the right word to complete each sentence.

Word Detective

Hunting for a worksheet to help your child improve his vocabulary? This printable uses context clues to teach new words.

Subject and Predicate Worksheet

This subject and predicate worksheet challenges kids to find the subjects and predicates in text. Use this subject and predicate worksheet with your child.

Vocabulary Practice: Choose the Definition

Test your third grader's vocabulary with this nifty practice test that quizzes her on word definitions

Descriptive Adjectives: It's All in the Details

The sentences on this third grade reading and writing worksheet are pretty boring. Kids liven up the sentences by adding descriptive adjectives to the nouns.

Homographs: Double Meanings 1

This homograph worksheets gets your kid to learn about words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. Try our homograph worksheet with your child.

Writing with Adjectives

This worksheet helps young writers see the difference sensory words can make by asking them to compare sentences with sensory words and without.

Punctuation Nation: Practicing Commas

Hunting for a worksheet that can help your kid with punctuation? This printable is great for young writers looking for practice with commas.

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