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Ca History

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Gold Rush Trail

Learn about the different routes people could take for the California Gold Rush.

Gold Rush Advertisement

Look at this scene of a mining town during the Gold Rush and create an advertisement that persuades people to travel to California.

The Gold Rush Worksheet

Gold rush worksheets can be a fun way to approach history. This board game about the California Gold Rush is a thrilling race across the Wild West!

California Gold Rush: Sutter's Mill

Sutter's Mill is where the California Gold Rush first began! Your student will read about the first discovery of gold with this history worksheet.

Presidio of San Francisco

For those of you studying California history, here's a great history worksheet all about the Presidio of San Francisco!

Packing for the Gold Rush

What would your child bring if he had to pack for a whole new life? Find out with this Gold Rush worksheet.

California Coloring Page

Welcome to the sunny state of California! This picture-map coloring page is the perfect way to get acquainted with the Golden State.

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