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word problem 1st grade

word problems for 1st grade
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Word Problems Addition

Featuring word problems all about shopping and money, this worksheet is a great way to practice 3-digit addition.

Post Office Addition

Practice math with the postman! Word problems are a great way to help her understand a basic math concept from a different angle.

Music Math

There's a sale at the music shop! Help keep track of inventory by solving these addition and subtraction word problems.

Story Math Problems

Help your child take a more challenging approach to addition and subtraction with these word problems.

Bakery Math

Little chefs can use their addition and subtraction skills to solve these sweet word problems!

Art Store Math

Take a trip to the art store! Can you use your math skills to figure out how much each child spent on art supplies?

Basic Pictographs

Practice adding multiple digits with a fun pictograph page. Use the chart to draw out the number of items in each problem.

Addition Picture Graphs

Explore some stellar math concepts with this worksheet on adding multiple digits. Fill in the pictograph to help you visualize the problem first.

Make a Picture Graph

Satisfy your math sweet tooth with these tasty story problems! Read each problem, and make a picture graph for each one.

Fish Math

Math isn't just all about numbers! Read these story problems and find the equation hidden in them, and use the picture to help you count up your answers.

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