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5th Grade Division

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Find the Quotient

In this fifth grade math worksheet, your child will practice solving multi-step word problems using long division.

Math Card Game: Lucky 13

Fifth grade is an important time to master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This math card game challenges your child to do just that!

Athletic Arithmetic: Division Word Problems

Get your fifth grade math student thinking critically as she decides how to approach each of these division word problems.

Shopping Spree: Division Word Problems

Word problems can be a tricky! This fifth grade worksheet uses a straightforward approach to helping your child become more familiar with division.

Solve a Division Riddle

Fifth graders practice multi-digit division as they work on cracking the riddle.

Money Math: Price Per Unit

Boost your fifth grader's money smarts with this worksheet that offers practice in a great real world skill: finding the price per unit.

Word Problems with Division

Every word problem on this fifth grade math worksheet presents a situation with animals that requires division in order to solve it.

Solve the Division Riddle #3

This colorful division worksheet is brimming with valuable division problems, and it's got a funny riddle, too.

Solve the Division Riddle #5

If your child wants to solve this funny riddle, she'll have to complete a slew of division problems, first.

Division: Extra Practice #6

The cool blue tones of this long division printable will calm your fifth grader's nerves as she sets to work learning this important fifth grade concept.

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