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Dinosaur Silhouette

Travel back to the Jurassic age with this creative dinosaur activity that would make a great addition to any wall or fridge.

Splatter Paint Art

This craft encourages kids to express themselves through art and learn about the art world with a mock auction in their own home.

Make Stained Glass Crayons

Here's how to use crayon scraps to make beautiful stained glass window hangings.

Make a Rock Salt Mosaic

Is your kindergartener getting tired of the standard art supplies? How about making a mosaic? This recipe is kinder safe, no broken glass involved!

Make an Abstract Tea Leaf Painting

Most people throw out soaked tea bags after use, but artists know a secret--tea bags can be a great medium for creating one-of-a-kind modern art.

Make Andy Warhol-Inspired Prints

Introduce your kindergartener to some art history by showing him how to create an everyday object print, Andy Warhol-style.

Make an Oil Sun Catcher

Make an eye catching sun catcher with your child that not only brightens any window but also builds his fine motor skills and creativity.

Turntable Art

Create colorful paintings using the turntable on an old record player, and help your child experiment with color and movement!

Swinging Paints

Try this art activitythat has your preschooler making chaotic paint designs with just a paintbrush pendulum!

Paint with Feathers

Encourage your child's creativity by giving him a new kind of paintbrush -- a feather!

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