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3-Dimensional Shapes

Learn how to draw 3-dimensional shapes with this simple guide for kids. This is a great way to review the 3D shapes.

Color Mixing

Explore the endless possibilities of color with this color mixing worksheet. Bust out the paints and watercolor to practice creating new shades.

How to Draw a Pyramid

Put your knowledge about 3-D shapes into practice with this fun drawing lesson to teach you how to draw a pyramid.

How to Draw a Cylinder

Here's a drawing lesson that also doubles as a geometry review! Learn how to draw a cylinder as you create a drawing of a mug.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Get up-close and personal with Georgia O'Keeffe in this art history companion worksheet for middle schoolers.


Use this art worksheet to learn more about Monet and practice using one of his painting techniques!

Leonardo da Vinci

Learn about the original art superstar, Leonardo da Vinci, and how he continues to inspire to this day.

Symmetry Drawing

Teach your first grader about symmetry with this fun drawing page. Try finishing each drawing to make it symmetrical!

Make a Fish Mosaic

This fun printable project allows your second grader to cut out paper mosaic squares and then paste them on to a fish shape to make a colorful mosaic.


Introduce your child to pointillism with this great worksheet, complete with a bit of art history and some space for kids to do their own pointillism drawing.

Van Gogh

Learn more about Van Gogh's turbulent (some say tragic) life and how it helped him create some world-famous art.

Pablo Picasso Biography

Learn about the life and work of Pablo Picasso, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, widely known for co-founding the Cubist movement.

How to Draw a Sphere

This drawing lesson has a geometric twist! Learn how to draw a sphere by starting off drawing an apple.

How to Draw a Cone

Let's practice 3-D shapes with a fun drawing lesson! Kids will follow step-by-step instructions to draw an ice cream cone.

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