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All About Magnets

If your scientist is mad for magnets, let him explore a few fun facts about magnetism with this physics page!

Plan Stories with The Five-Finger Technique

Got the pre-writing blues? Try this simple five-finger technique to help your second grader develop a sequenced plan for her early compositions.

Make an Abbreviation Book

Here's a fun book-making project that will help your child learn to abbreviate and provide an opportunity for her to exercise her artistic abilities.

Write an "I Used To, Now I" Poem

In this writing activity, let your child reflect on the past and practice his writing skills and word usage as he creates an "I Used to, Now I" poem.

Shoebox Story

Encourage your child to create a tribute to their past, and explore future dreams and goals with this narrative assemblage.

Reading Roundup: Find the Nouns #1

Give your child's grammar a boost with this 2nd grade reading worksheet that offers practice in separating nouns from other parts of speech.

Homophones: Sail for Sale

Learning homophones helps kids build vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling skills. Our homophones worksheet helps kids learn words like "sail" and "sale."

Scrambled Sentences: Radical Robots

Here are some radical robots that need your help. Their sentences are completely scrambled! Can your child make these silly sentences make sense?

Question or Statement?

Knowing the difference between a question and a statement can even trip up adults!

Story Comprehension: What Happens Next?

Kids read a story about a puppy, then finish it by writing what they think will happen next.

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