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Silent "E" Word List

Using pictures as clues, kids unscramble the jumbled words, gaining practice with long vowel sounds and silent "E" on this first grade phonics worksheet.

Short "E" Words

More than just an exercise in sounding words out, this worksheet asks kids to find the words with the short e sound.

Short Vowel Sounds: "U"

Get on board with word families by practicing word families with a short u sound, as in -un or -ut.

Quizzy Question Cards III

Looking for quiz questions to test your first grader's general knowledge? This printable will challenge your kid's overall knowledge.

Words With Long "I" Sound

Searching for a worksheet that practices phonics? This second grade printable focuses on the long "i" sound.

Sounding It Out: Oe and Oa Vowel Pairs

Vowel pairs are easier to sound out than they look. Help your first grader tackle the vowel pairs oe and oa with this matching worksheet.

Words That End in Y

Help your first grader learn about words that end in y and the different sounds they make.

Long and Short Vowels: "A"

With this worksheet, your child will match picture names to creatures representing short "A" and long "A" vowel sounds, then glue the pictures to the page.

Long o Words

Help your first grader get acquainted with long o words with this phonics worksheet. He'll learn letter patterns from the oe in doe to the oa in goat.

Learning Long Vowels: Long A in Tray

Kids practice reading and writing the long a sound in words ending like tray.

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