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Symmetry: Complete the Shape

Help your child understand the concept of symmetry with this 2nd grade math worksheet. He'll draw the other half of each shape to make each one symmetrical.

Math Salad 15

Tap into the mathematical potential of fruit salad with this first grade addition worksheet.

Homemade Playdough

It's easier than you think to make homemade play dough -- just a few pantry staples makes a natural version of the toy that kids have loved for generations.

Make This Number Line: Count Place on a Lace!

Got a shoelace? Got a kindergartener? Help your child learn to use the number line by creating one out of a lace.

Cookie Fractions 2

Get your child ready for learning fractions with a great visual worksheet! She'll practice identifying a few simple fractions in picture form.

Money Match: Nickels

Help your first grader get acquainted with nickels by counting them up, and writing their value on the line.

Tally Time: At the Farmers Market

The farmer needs help keeping track of his vegetables. Can your child use her counting skills to give him a hand?

Super Shapes: Count and Graph

Introduce kids to key math skills on this shape-filled worksheet. Kids count and color the different shapes, then make a graph to show how many are pictured.

Shape Dimensions: Solid Figures

Kids get acquainted with three-dimensional shapes like cubes, cones and prisms, and practice building a bar graph while they're at it.

Different Types of Graphs: Picture and Bar Graphs

Sure to test your kid's graphing skills, this graph worksheet features two different types of graphs and questions to go along with them.

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