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Rocket Math

Blast off with these basic math introduction worksheets.  My first graders love these!
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Bubble Math

This bubble-filled first grade math worksheet makes practicing addition fun. Your child will practice addition as she solves the problems in the bubbles.

Monkey Math: Add the Bananas

With this first grade math worksheet, kids count and add bananas to find sums up to 9.

Addition Facts Practice

Twinkle, twinkle little star! Help your child practice addition with this first grade math worksheet.

Bubblegum Addition

Boost your child's arithmetic skill and addition facts fluency with this bubbly worksheet that offers single-digit addition problems with sums of 9 or less.

Math in Space

Rocket to the moon with this astronaut adorned addition worksheet! Your first grader will learn beginning addition facts as he solves 12 single-digit problems.

Addition Facts Worksheet: Beach Fun

Help your first grader prepare for the coming school year with this summer-themed beginning addition worksheet.

Tetris Math Dash!

This worksheet combines math problems with Tetris to make practicing addition fun! Solve the addition problems before the Tetris blocks fall!

Autumn Addition

Get your first grader started on learning his addition facts with this math worksheet offering beginning addition problems with sums up to 9.

Beginning Addition: Hot Air Balloons

Introduce your child to beginning addition with this colorful first grade math worksheet offering addition problems with sums up to 9. Up, up, and away!

Moonlight Math

Print out this starry first grade addition worksheet and sneak in a little math practice before bedtime!

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