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Short Vowel Word Families

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Returning Rhyme II: Practicing "-At", "-An", "-Ap" and "-Ad" Words

Give your beginning readers practice in reading and writing easy words that end in "-an," "-at," "-ap" and "-ad" sounds with this fun worksheet!

Make a "Word Slider"

Make learning word families more hands-on and interactive with this simple craft that has your child making "word sliders" out of paper plates.

Rhyming Raindrops

Help your child improve his reading with this printable phonics worksheet, which is all about words that rhyme with "frog".

Short Vowel Sounds: "U"

Get on board with word families by practicing word families with a short u sound, as in -un or -ut.

Short Vowel Sounds: "O"

Help your first grader become a more confident reader by practicing short o word families.

Short Vowel Sounds: "I"

Focus on word families featuring the short i sound with this helpful worksheet.

Short Vowel Sounds: "E"

Learn about word families, and practice sounding out short e, with this phonics worksheet.

Short Vowel Sounds: "A"

Practice some of the short a word families, from -ab as in cab to -at as in bat.

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