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Pollution Experiment

Try this activity with your child to explore what happens to rain (and the living things that need it) when it becomes polluted.

Observe the Greenhouse Effect in a Jar

This simple experiment serves as an introduction to the greenhouse effect.

Learn Where Wind Comes From

Does your child always demand to know why the sky is blue, how the sun moves across the sky, or where wind comes from?

How to Make a Weathervane

Learn how to make a weathervane with this fun and simple meteorology project for fourth graders.

Water Pollution: Can You See It?

Is our water polluted? Help your young scientist understand the importance of taking care of the environment with this simple experiment.

Do Plants Breathe?

Do plants breathe? Not exactly. They do respire though! This activity will help your kid with see that plants are producing the oxygen we need to survive.

Make a Desktop Desert Terrarium

Using a glass fishbowl, you and your kids can create a low-humidity, open-topped terrarium perfect for easy care, drought-tolerant succulents.

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