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Olympic Timeline

Check out a fun and simple Olympic timeline which highlights some of the most memorable moments throughout history.

Thinking Past and Present: Long Ago or Today?

Kids learn that how we live today is different than how we lived in the past by labeling each picture of everyday life as from today or long ago.

Cloud Chart

Ever lay on your back to watch the clouds? With this cloud chart you and your little scientist can identify the different types of cloud formations.

Greek Gods: Hestia

Did you know Zeus had a sister, Hestia, the goddess of hearth an home? Learn all about her with a fun coloring page!

Sunken Village

For students learning about Native American Indians, get educated about a famous archaeological site called the Sunken Village.

History of Medicine

This history and reading project that traces the history of medical care, helps kids understand how the doctor's office came to be.

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

Teach your little leprechaun about the various St. Patrick's Day traditions and other fun parts of this special Irish heritage day.

History of Media

This history and reading exercise takes kids through the history of news and lets them piece together the clues (literally!) to retell the story.

Friendship 7

This worksheet is all about the U.S. space mission of Friendship 7, and will help kids with reading comprehension and U.S. history knowledge all at once.

Freedom 7

Got a kid with his head in the clouds? Encourage him to stay there with this worksheet about one of the first manned spaceflights.

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