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The Gold Rush Worksheet

Gold rush worksheets can be a fun way to approach history. This board game about the California Gold Rush is a thrilling race across the Wild West!

California Gold Rush: Sutter's Mill

Sutter's Mill is where the California Gold Rush first began! Your student will read about the first discovery of gold with this history worksheet.

Native American Symbols: Design a Shield

Dive into Native American history with your third grader! He'll get an introduction to Native American symbols and tradition as he colors his own shield.

Don't Tread On Me Flag

Teach your student a bit about how our country was formed with this worksheet about the Gadsden Flag.

Follow the Law: How a Bill Gets Passed

Help your fourth grader learn about the legislative process with this worksheet, which challenges him to follow the path of a law in the making.

USA Time Zones

We have four different time zones here in America, but do you know how to use them? This worksheet will help your student learn about U.S. time zones.

World Time Zones

Did you know there are 24 different time zones across the globe? Have your 4th grade student practice his time zone calculations with these word problems.

The White House Facts

There's tons of trivia in this social studies worksheet about America's most famous home.

Sam Brannan

Welcome to the Wild West! Learn about the Gold Rush and the founding of San Francisco, with this worksheet about the talented and versatile Sam Brannan.

Levi Strauss

The history of the American West meets the history of fashion! Your child will learn both with this worksheet about Levi Strauss, creator of Levi's Jeans.

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