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Apollo 11

Learn about what was arguably the most famous of American space missions, Apollo 11, in this combination social studies and science worksheet.

History of Hip Hop Music

Celebrate Black History Month by learning about soul music and the history of African-Americans in pop music, all in this Hip-Hop Music worksheet!

History of Baseball

Batter up! It's time to get a hands-on history lesson in this fun printable activity that flexes your fourth-grader's memory and comprehension muscles

National Treasures: The Wright Brothers' Flyer

In a world without airplanes, The Wright Brothers flew in the face of science, so to speak, and invented the first modern airplane.

Greek Gods: Aphrodite

Although your child may not study Greek gods formally until high school, give her a starter kit with these coloring pages!

Greek Gods: Zeus

This is the most famous of Greek gods, Zeus. Your child can read a few interesting facts about Zeus while she colors him in!

Abraham Lincoln's Hat

President Abraham Lincoln's hat isn't just a presidential treasure, it represents an infamous night in American history.

The Wild West: Stephen Austin

Stephen Fuller Austin is often called the "Father of Texas." Learn about the history of the American West and the history of Texas with this worksheet.

Greek Gods: Hermes

The messenger god Hermes wore wings on his sandals and was the quickest of all the Greek gods! Learn more about him with a fun coloring page.

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