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Compare Weight

Does an acorn weigh more than a swan? Your kindergartener will learn about comparing weights by ranking from lightest to heaviest.

Picture Subtraction

These birds are acting strange! Your kindergartener will use single digit subtraction to find out how many birds are still colorful and bright.

Undersea Addition

Add some undersea creatures to your kindergartener's math practice. He'll practice single digit addition as he adds up some new ocean friends.

Simple Springtime Addition

Let the joy of spring inspire your kindergartener's next math practice. She'll use single digit addition to add up bright flowers.

Find the Fruit and Veggies

Test your kindergartener's produce proficiency by challenging her to separate the fruit and veggies from other foods on this worksheet.

Find the Long Vowel Words

When a vowel is "long", it says it's own name, just like the A in CAKE or TAKE. In this exercise, circle all of the pictures that have long vowel sounds.

Travel Guessing Game

This world traveler is ready to take off, but he can't remember where he's going!

Weather Wear Matching

What do you wear in rainy weather? Boost your kindergartener's weather sense with this colorful matching worksheet.

Zoo Zoe

Searching for a worksheet that can help your child solve visual patterns? This printable makes use of observational skills.

My Rhyming Book: -Ock

Help your child improve his reading with this printable phonics worksheet, which is all about words that rhyme with "sock".

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