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endangered species and animal facts

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Run with the Cheetahs

Did you know that cheetahs are the fastest land mammal? This fun worksheet is jam-packed with fun facts all about the cheetah.

Fun with Cougars

Did you know cougars can leap 20 feet from a sitting position? This fun worksheet is jam-packed with fun facts about the cougar!

Fun with Zebras

Ever wonder why zebras have so many stripes? Find out with this fun worksheet all about the zebra!

Smelly Skunk Sheet!

Pheww! What is that stinky smell? This fun worksheet is jam-packed with fun facts, a word search and trivia, all about skunks!

Fun with Camels

Ever wonder what's inside a camel's hump? Find out with this fun worksheet! It's jam-packed with facts about camels.

Endangered Species: Red-Shanked Douc Langur

Get to know one of the most unique and colorful monkeys, the red-shanked douc langur. Read about why they are an endangered species with this info-sheet.

Endangered Species: Komodo Dragon

For your budding environmentalist, here is an information sheet on a well-known endangered species, the Komodo dragon!

Endangered Species: Przewalski's Horse

Introduce your student to an endangered species, Przewalski's horse, with this information sheet. She can color the illustration as she reads.

Endangered Species: Red Wolf

Meet the red wolf, an endangered species of animal that was once very common, but in the past 50 year nearly became extinct!

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