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grade 4 writing and reading

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What are Homophones?

Can ewe right the write words? Weight, I mean you! Wait, now I'm just confused... Learn about homophones with this fun worksheet.

Practice Punctuation

Written passages look pretty silly without punctuation, and sometimes they're difficult to read! Practice punctuating this excerpt from classic literature.

Summer Superlatives

Wrap up your summer by reflecting on your favorite friends, fun, and even food with this printable.

Introduction to Research: Your Toys!

Does your child know where her toys come from before they're in the toy store? Get your student ready to research with this fun worksheet and activity.

Primary Sources: Walt Disney

Reading primary sources doesn't have to be a bore! Learn to gather information from records using data given by celebrity whom you just might know.

Baba Yaga

What would happen if Baba Yaga had a hoarding intervention? Get to know a famous and eerie Russian folktale with this creative writing exercise.

La Llorona

What would happen if La Llorona went to anger management? Engage your young writer with this fun twist on a classic and spooky ghost story.

"Dear Dracula"

Imagine if Count Dracula had an advice column! What kinds of zany advice would he give out?

Synonyms for Happy

Young writers can learn to use better adjectives with this vocabulary building worksheet. He'll discover 24 synonyms for the word "happy."

Synonyms for Home

How many words can you think of that mean "home"? Your fourth grader will learn 24 words that will add accuracy and intrigue to his writing.

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