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A Historical Mix-Up: Learn the U.S. Presidents

This worksheet will challenge your fourth grader's knowledge of U.S. history, by asking him to match the president with the correct biographical clue.

American Revolution Battles

Test your child's knowledge of the major American Revolution battles, given the date and year of each battle.

History of Submarines

Submerge yourself in the fascinating history of submarines! Your little inventor will get a taste of the early stages of this important technology.

Rosie the Riveter

Meet Rosie the Riveter, a famous icon from the era of WWII. She is an important symbol that eventually came to represent the power of women.

Leaders of the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad aided thousands of enslaved Americans on the road to freedom. Students will learn about the leaders of this movement.

Egyptian Goddess Isis

Learn about an important part of cultural history: the gods and goddess of ancient Egypt! Over Read a bit about the goddess Isis, and give her some colors.

Ellis Island

Learn more about Ellis Island, the place where many of our ancestors first set foot on American soil.

Irish-American History: Founding Fathers

Celebrate Irish-American history with this printable about four founding fathers from Ireland!

National Treasure: Apollo 11 Command Module

One of the greatest moments in not just our country's history, but the history of the world, was the famous moon landing of 1969.

Trail of Tears

Get educated about the treatment of Native Americans during the creation of the United States. Read about the Trail of Tears, an important landmark.

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