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All About Witches

We've brewed up a powerful potion this Halloween to help hone reading and writing skills! Learn all about witches with a fun info sheet.

All About Mummies

Unwrap the history behind a spooky Halloween favorite: mummies! With this reading worksheet, your child will learn all about mummies.

All About Ghosts

Get ready for a ghostly reading activity! Here's a Halloween sheet that will teach your child all about ghosts and the history behind these spooks.

All About Vampires

Sink your teeth into this fun reading and writing activity, and learn all about vampires! Your child will read some history behind these Halloween villains.

Addition is Instrumental

Complete this musical-themed addition worksheet by counting the total number of instruments to find the answers to the problems.

Beginning Sounds Coloring: Sounds Like Snake

Here's a fun coloring page that helps preschoolers learn beginning letter sounds and the letters that go with them.

Beach Addition

It's a beach themed addition party, and your kindergartener is invited! She'll practice single digit addition with fun and familiar beach items.

Pirate Math

Ahoy! Pirate Billy needs help counting his treasures. Help your kid practice adding single-digit numbers and writing the sums on this treasure-themed worksheet.

Coin Recognition

Young children sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between coins. Practice coin recognition to set your child up to grasp the concept of coin value.

Coloring 12: Cloud Shapes

Clouds come in many shapes and sizes, and on this kindergarten math worksheet, they come with different numbers! Kids color and count clouds with the number 12.

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