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Phonics Fun: Silent Gh

This Gh worksheet helps your child practice phonics and silent letters. Practice reading and writing tricky Gh words with this Gh worksheet.

Phonics Fun: Ar and Or Words

Focusing on the letter blends ar and or, this worksheet helps build your child's repertoire of letter and sound combinations.

Vowel Teams

Get to know some awesome vowel teams in simple words that you already know. You'll identify the team, fill-in-the-blanks, and complete a fun wordsearch!

Phonics Review: Digraphs and Silent Letters

Review digraphs and words with silent letters with your second grader with this practice quiz.

Phonics Review: More Silent Letters

Help your second grader remember words with tricky silent letters with this phonics worksheet.

Phonics Review: Consonant Blends

If your second grader needs extra practice sounding out words with consonant blends, try this worksheet.

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