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Comparing Pictographs: Tulips and Daisies

Your child will use the data in two pictographs that show the number of tulips and daisies imported from certain European countries to answer word problems.

Comparing Pictographs: Football Time

In this math worksheet, kids compare two pictographs that record the number of footballs kicked and the number of footballs thrown on the field.

Heads or Tails?

This worksheet will get your student up to speed on probability, and also give him a head start on fractions!

Mean, Median and Mode

Practice calculating the mean, median and mode of a data set! Your student will get familiar with the basics of statistics.

Mean, Median and Mode Practice

Statistics doesn't have to be scary! Help your student learn to calculate the mean, median and mode of a number set.

Find the Mean, Median and Mode

Challenge your math whiz to calculate the mean, median and mode of a number set. She'll build valuable math skills, including basic statistics.

Going Abroad: Practice Reading a Bar Graph

This 4th grade math worksheet will challenge your child's analytical thinking skills. He'll read a bar graph, then use its data to answer a set of questions.

Probability Practice: Fish

What kind of fish would you like to catch? Help your child master the concept of probability with this fun, visual exercise!

Probability Practice

Get some practice with probability! With this exercise, your child will practice using fractions to express probability of different outcomes.

Probability Practice: Flowers

Can you guess which flower the bee will choose? With this exercise your child will learn how to determine the likelihood of the bee choosing a certain flower.

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