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African Linsang Coloring Page

This African Linsang coloring page shows the wild cat climbing into a tree, but there's no need to worry about helping it come down because they live in trees!

Hyena Coloring Page

You don't have to visit Africa to take a look at a wild animal in this hyena coloring page.

Up, Up, and Away Again!

Searching for a way to help you kid practice their geography knowledge? This printable is a great way to learn the countries in North America.

Banjo Facts

Did you know banjos were inspired by gourd instruments in Africa? This stringed instrument is a part of American history, but has roots in other cultures too.

Banjo Coloring Page

Did you know that the banjo actually originated in Africa? Enjoy a fun coloring page featuring this cool musical instrument.

A-Mazing Mountains!

Flex your child's hand-eye coordination with this printable maze, which will get your child on a twisty turny trail through Africa to Mount Kilimanjaro.

African Grey Parrot

Do you know what's the largest parrot in Africa? It's the African grey parrot! Learn about this blabbering bird and give the image some color.

Love Birds Coloring Page

Meet the Nyasa Lovebird, also known as Lilian's Lovebird, one of the smallest parrots in Africa! Your child will be learning a new species as he colors.

Color the World! Maasai

Make a geography stop in East Africa to explore other cultures, with this coloring page of Maasai women.

Endangered Species: Pygmy Hippo

There are many animals around the world whose lives or homes are threatened. Read about an endangered species from Africa with this info-sheet

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