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Prehistoric Sea Creatures

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Dino Dot to Dot: Camarasaurus

Camarasaurus had nostrils on top of his head! Celebrate this nose-y dinosaur with this fun dot to dot page.

Dino Dot to Dot: Blow Your Horn

Learn about the parasaurolophus, one of the most musically inclined dinosaurs with this dot-to-dot coloring page.

Dino Dot to Dot: Barosaurus

This dot to dot page features giant Barosaurus, a dinosaur with a very, very long neck.

Dino Dot to Dot: Tyrannosaurus Rex

If your kid is into dinosaurs, this dot to dot featuring mighty T. Rex is sure to please.

Dino Dot to Dot: Ichthyosaurus

Learn about Ichthyosaurus, a reptile that lived in the ocean, with this cool dinosaur dot to dot activity.

Dino Dot to Dot: Fearsome Flyer

For dino lovers, this dot to dot featuring the winged Rhamphorhynchus is sure to be a hit.

Dino Dot to Dot: Dimetrodon

If your child is into dinosaurs, this dot to dot featuring the dino Dimetrodon is sure to make his day.

Connect the Dots: T-Rex

Complete the picture of the toothy T-Rex and practice your counting skills by connecting the dots from 1-45.

Dino Dot to Dot: Megalosaurus

Megalosaurus was a giant carnivore similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex. Learn about this classic dino with a dot to dot coloring page.

Dinosaur Connect the Dots

What kind of dinosaur is it? Do this fun connect the dots worksheet to discover a cool dinosaur, and practice counting with your child!

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