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Prehistoric Sea Creatures

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Color the Dinosaur: Elasmosaurus

Dinosaur-lovers and ocean-lovers alike are sure to enjoy giving color to this prehistoric scene, featuring the underwater dinosaur, the Elasmosaurus.

Color the Impressive Ichthyosaurus

Got a kid who's passionate about dinos? Have her color an ichthyosaurus, an aquatic dinosaur that lived during the late Triassic and early Jurassic periods.

Temnodontosaurus Coloring Page

A coloring sheet of a temnodontosaurus, a kind of fish that lived among dinosaurs

Color the Excited Enchodus

A coloring sheet of an enchodus, an extinct fish that lived in the sea in ancient times.

Color the Giant Orthocone

This ancient sea monster went extinct years ago, but you can bring him back to life by coloring him in!

Color the Enormous Archelon

A dinosaur coloring page for kindergarteners. This one is of an archelon, a giant sea turtle that once lived under the sea.

Ammonite Coloring Page

This ammonite coloring page features these shelled sea animals that lived many years ago.

Sea Monster Coloring Pages: Dunkleosteus

Make your own mark on the dunkleosteus by coloring this one in.

Sea Monster Coloring Page: Prehistoric Squid

Check out this sea monster coloring page of a prehistoric squid, an animal that lived under the sea many years ago.

Styxosaurus Coloring Page

A coloring page of a styxosaurus, a kind of dinosaur that lived under the sea many years ago.

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