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Punctuation Mark Exercises

Help your first grader get a handle on punctuation with this colorful punctuation fill-in.

Proper Punctuation

Help your child with his grammar skills with this printable worksheet that focuses on using end punctuation.

Fix the Letter: Commas and Capitalization

Can your first grader help Lisa proofread her letter by fixing the commas and correcting the capitalization?

Fill-in a Funny Story #3

Give your first grader an introduction to grammar with this cute, fill-in-the-blank picnic story.

Use of Punctuation Marks

Can your first grader read Joey's passage about summer camp, and then add in the appropriate punctuation marks?

Question or Statement?

Knowing the difference between a question and a statement can even trip up adults!

Punctuation: The Wind in the Willows

Does your student need punctuation practice? Help her work on grammar and introduce her to some classic literature in the process.


Looking for a worksheet that practices your kids reading skills? This printable will help him identify antonyms.


Looking for a worksheet that practices synonyms? This printable is great for beginning readers.

Vocabulary Builder: Synonyms

Expand your first grader's vocabulary by learning about synonyms.

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