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Spruce Up the Sight Word
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Spruce Up the Sight Word: Me

Don't let your preschooler give up on learning sight words! Try a new technique to boost early reading skills with this unique printable.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: One

Looking for a way to make sight words fun? Show your preschooler this unique worksheet: a blend of crafting and reading!

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Red

Learning to recognize important preschool sight words can be a monumental task. Bring it down to size with this unique blend of crafts and reading!

Spruce Up The Sight Word: See

Looking to introduce some fun into learning sight words? Ask your preschooler to design a sight word creature out of a classic sight word: "see."

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Go

Packed with hands-on kid-friendly activities, this printable makes learning sight words easy and fun.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Find

Ease your child into learning sight words with a fun arts and crafts activity. Here, kids color the word "find" and turn it into a silly creature.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Help

Sight words are a little more fun when you can decorate them! Little kids won't mind learning the word "help" with this activity-packed printable.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Funny

Is "funny" funny-looking to your beginning reader? Help him get to know this tricky sight word by turning it into an arts and crafts activity.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Run

Here's a great way to pique your preschooler's interest in reading. This unique blend of coloring and decorating exposes him to the sight word, "run."

Spruce Up the Sight Word: It

Help your student color, cut, and paste his way to sight word mastery!

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